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First and foremost, I would like to thank Laurie with the amazing work she has done and she still doing with my son, who had difficulty with his speech ever since we started working with her, my son had shown noting but improvement in his speech and overall communication. I will highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is seeking a speech therapist She’s a great individual who is loving, caring and compassionate, the best part of all is my son LOVES HER!

– Claudia F

Laurie has been working on my son’s speech for over a year and she has done wonders. His speech has improved tremendously. He likes her encouraging and strong personality. He has enjoyed going to see her weekly. He had seen other speech therapists before Laurie Martin and I had to drag him to those sessions. It was such a 180 experience with Laurie. He looked forward to each visit and made such progress over such a short time. I completely recommend Laurie Martin as a speech therapist.

– Paula R

Laurie is awesome! Great Speech Pathologist! My daughter really joined meeting with her on a weekly bases for about a year. Laurie made it very comfortable for her. Very friendly and approachable. She helped my daughter meet her goals and enabled her to build her confidence. My daughter has continued to blossom and I know Laurie was a huge part of this growth. Thank you so much!

– Veronica A

Laurie is amazing! Our pediatrician Dr. Mann suggested we see Laurie when our daughter started stuttering out of no where, within 5 sessions it all went away. She taught her how to breath and think what she wants to say before as well as some other useful techniques. Thank you for everything!

– Lisa D

My daughter (2 years old) connected with Laurie right away which truly helped her progress in her speech delay. Laurie was very professional, punctual, communicative, and provided a clean and fun office atmosphere. My daughter really looked forward to visiting Laurie and we saw improvement right away. It was bittersweet when it came time to end our visits since we were so elated that our daughter had successfully hit all her milestones in the time specified and yet it meant we would also miss our visits with Laurie! We highly recommend her.

– Andrea N

Laurie Martin is the best speech therapist I have ever met. As a kid, I went to speech therapy and never progressed very much. I took my toddler to meet Luaire when he was unintelligible. within a few months, Laurie had him speaking and expressing himself to the point that perfect strangers are now able to understand most of what he says. I recommend Laurie to anyone without hesitation. P.S. My son now misses going to Laurie’s office and playing with her!

– Andrew W

I HIGHLY recommend Laurie to anyone that has a kid or kids in need of speech therapy or a speech therapist. Laurie is first class and not only is she a master at her craft and very intelligent, but she’s driven, focused, professional, thorough, caring, charismatic, helpful, and informative as well! Our kids love Laurie like family and they look forward to visiting with her every week. We are so blessed and grateful to know Laurie! She helped our kids navigate some tough speech impediments and now our kids are flourishing and thriving! Thanks again Laurie for everything you do!!

– John S

First things first- we cannot recommend Laurie enough! Our 7 year old son was having difficulty with his “s” words and had a lisp that we wanted to help him improve if possible. Laurie responded to our inquiry for an evaluation quickly and from the very first meeting- created a comfortable and fun environment for him that resulted in amazing progress and confidence in our son. After only 5 or 6 lessons, he has shown incredible progress and nearly completely eliminated signs of his previous lisp. We were given helpful practice guides and tips that have been invaluable. We are so proud of our boy and so thankful for Laurie and her support. –

– Rosie A

I highly recommend Laurie for anyone looking for a speech therapist. My eldest son has been seeing Laurie for almost 2 years now. When he first started therapy with Laurie, he had a very limited vocabulary and did not use any complete sentences. Now, he has full conversations and is very close to being caught up to where he needs to be. My youngest son also experienced speech delay and has been seeing Laurie for about 2 months now. In the short period of time, he has learned to use words and sounds. We are so very pleased with the progress our children have had with Laurie. She is absolutely amazing!

– AnnMarie T

Our son’s preschool teachers suggested he should be assessed for speech therapy and our pediatrician recommended Laurie to us. We started with her in January 2019 for our son’s language delay and in just 4 months he has vastly improved. Other parents now comment to me about what a good speaker he is and how clearly they can understand him. I tell them he has a great speech pathologist! He has truly found his voice. Our son looks forward to his sessions with Laurie. She helped make it fun for him while still getting the results necessary to advance his language. His preschool teachers have commented on how much better he is at communicating and playing with the other children at school and how he doesn’t have the same frustration he had before. It has been worth every penny and we highly recommend her.

– Allison S

My son was 20 months when he started seeing Laurie. He had a few words, but he was mostly referring to everything as BAA. In the first few months, Laurie helped my son develop an ample, consistent and clear sound library. When that was stock full, she then began shaping those sounds into words. By 28 months, my son has more than 400 words and speaks in 4+ word phrases. Our family and friends can’t stop commenting about how much progress he’s made! We are thrilled and forever grateful to Laurie. My son LOVED his time with Laurie and I learned so much by watching. (Moms and Dads, the sky’s the limit if you’re willing to work with her as a team)!! Laurie is dedicated, persistent, talented, hardworking and FUN. Her technique is absolutely fascinating. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Laurie!

– Blythe A

I can’t say enough good things about Laurie Martin and the work she did with my son. My son was struggling a bit with talking (he’s currently 21 months) and we went to Laurie at the suggestion of my pediatrician. After our first session I was blown away by the progress my son made after just one meeting. We continued to meet with Laurie weekly, and he has improved improved leaps and bounds with his vocabulary and ability to communicate.
When first meeting Laurie you can tell she is very passionate about her work, and cares deeply about the child she is working with. She is very personable and down to earth which is not always the case with some specialist.

What I also liked is that she gave us (my husband and I) the tools to work with our child at home between sessions.

I am very grateful for all that Laurie has done for my son. If you feel your child is struggling and needs some extra help…she is great.

– Amanda H

Laurie Martin is an amazing speech language pathologist who has been our son’s speech teacher for almost four years. We are so grateful for her expertise, dedication, and kindness.
When we first met Laurie, our four-year-old son was struggling with enunciation and sound deletions. He had difficulty expressing himself and communicating with others. Laurie worked with us, even in the midst of the worst of the pandemic, to help our son and ourselves as parents on a plan that has resulted in a dramatic increase in understandability for his speech.
Laurie is so great with kids and was very patient even as our son would get frustrated at certain speech practice and challenges. She used fun and engaging activities to motivate him and make him feel comfortable. She also guided us through the process and gave us helpful tips and feedback on how to support our son at home.
We are so thankful to have Laurie as our SLP and as a trusted advisor for our son’s speech development these last four years. She has made a huge difference in his life and ours. We could not recommend her enough! If you are looking for a speech language pathologist who is professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, look no further than Laurie Martin. She is the best!

– Jason O

In a word, Laurie is amazing. I called her last March wondering if my child needed speech therapy (no instruction from a doctor or teacher, just knew something didn’t seem right for her age). After speaking on the phone we went in for an evaluation. Laurie agreed my daughter needed help to pronounce 6 different sounds properly (she’s 3) and recommended we come in weekly. We made it all but two of those weeks, coming in with myself, my 3 year old, and my baby (sometimes even my mom). We were all always welcome. Both my girls genuinely loved it at her office and we’re even sad to be done now! I was worried my very quiet with strangers child wouldn’t even speak enough to work on sounds/words but Laurie has her tricks! Tricks to not only get a stranger adverse child to speak but also to produce new sounds. Every Tuesday we spent a half hour with her, then we’d go home and do our homework every day (which is essential too) for the rest of the week. In 6 months my daughter learned 6 sounds! Laurie not only guided her to move her mouth and tongue in the correct ways to make certain sounds, but she also helped her become conscious of how words are put together with sounds, resulting in my daughter picking up an extra sound herself and starting to be interested in how words on spelled. Adding those sounds made it go from me having to translate what my daughter said to almost everyone to her being able to talk with almost everyone directly. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Laurie – and that’s with paying for her out of pocket. (And of you’re even just wondering if speech therapy is for you, give her a call).

– Reagan S

Laurie Martin is an exceptional speech therapist who truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She takes the time to get to know each child individually and creates a personalized plan to meet their specific needs. Her kind and patient demeanor puts children at ease, making therapy sessions a positive and enjoyable experience.
What sets Laurie apart is her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of speech therapy. She ensures that her clients receive the best possible care. She is also skilled at educating parents and caregivers on how to support their child’s progress outside of therapy sessions.
Overall my child has seen Laurie a few times but is already showing progress. I plan on continuing with her for as long as necessary. I highly recommend her as a speech therapist. She is a dedicated and caring professional who is committed to helping children achieve their full potential. Thank you Laurie for helping us and for your valuable expertise.

– Angie N

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