Laurie Martin


At Laurie Martin Speech-Language Pathology, expertise meets compassion in the world of communication disorders. With over two decades of dedicated experience in the United States and Canada, Laurie is committed to helping individuals find their voice and overcome communication challenges. From Childhood Apraxia of Speech to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Laurie’s private practice in Tarzana, California, specializes in evaluating and treating a spectrum of delays and disorders in children. Discover the transformative power of effective communication with Laurie Martin – where every voice matters.

Your journey to confident and expressive communication begins here, where expertise meets empathy, and progress is not just a goal but a shared achievement


Laurie has been amazing. She’s a no nonsense type of a person and gets things done! My child had been with a different speech pathologist for some time and when we switched over to Laurie, the results were insane. The way she got my child to excel in such a short amount of time was wonderful. Her method is perfection and consider yourself lucky if you get a time slot with her.

- Summer R

Laurie has been so excellent with my daughter, who has Autism. She’s great with working with her behaviors and making it fun for my girl. My daughter has made tremendous progress with Laurie and loves going to see her. Laurie is the epitome of a warm, precise, skilled and loving therapist and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

- Alison N

Laurie was incredibly helpful with my 1.5 year old who had a speech delay. He went from not saying any words or gestures to meeting developmental milestones. This has been so helpful as he is able to express himself and tantrum less. Laurie was able to help him in 4 months time. Thanks, Laurie!

– Jessica F

Laurie is an incredible speech therapist. She pulled words out of my lo in no time! I would recommend Laurie to anyone with a toddler who has speech delays. We drive 40 minutes each way for her 30 minute therapy sessions. That’s how good and effective they are!

– Assaf D

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