Testimonials & Reviews


I highly recommend Laurie for anyone looking for a speech therapist.  My eldest son has been seeing Laurie for almost 2 years now.  When he first started therapy with Laurie, he had a very limited vocabulary and did not use any complete sentences.  Now, he has full conversations and is very close to being caught up to where he needs to be.  My youngest son also experienced speech delay and has been seeing Laurie for about 2 months now.  In the short period of time, he has learned to use words and sounds.  We are so very pleased with the progress our children have had with Laurie.  She is absolutely amazing!

AnnMarie T.


My son was diagnosed with a speech delay and severe phonological disorder at age 2. We tried several other speech therapists around town and he wasn't improving. After we started going to Laurie, my son's speech improved drastically. Laurie is not the type of therapist who just talks while your kid plays. She sits at a small table with your kid and engages him in playing different games and toys while getting your kids to repeat sounds and words. It's a very effective method. My son was discharged at age 4 as he had completely caught up to his peers with his speech. At age 5 he had a couple of sounds that caused him some problems

 again. We went back to Laurie and she fixed those sounds in no time. He has now "graduated" again. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else. Laurie is absolutely wonderful!

Amapola D.


My daughter was diagnosed with a speech delay at age 3 and we tried 5 speech therapists, seeing little to no progress, until I met Laurie. She's incredible in how she engages with children, builds a customized action plan and is so dedicated to working with parents to ensure the kids are progressing well. My daughter has improved so much in the past year and a half. We are truly grateful to Laurie and plan to stay with her for a while!

So V.

Laurie is amazing!!!! My son has been going to  Laurie for  3 years and let me tell you she is the best there is!! After years and multiple therapists, my son was only able to speak a handful of words by the age of 4. He is now 7 and ever since he started seeing Laurie, his handful of words has turned into complete sentences. He can speak and communicate all his needs and have full conversations with me. Laurie is not only amazing as a speech therapist but she is an amazing human being with a heart of gold! She loves what she does and it shows. I'm so thankful that I found her and even though we moved 45 minutes away, we still continue with Laurie because she is the absolute best!!!!!

Ishim W.

First and foremost I would like to thank Laurie with the amazing work she has done and she still doing with my son, who had difficulty with his speech
Every since we started working with her, my son had shown noting but improvement in his speech and overall communication.
I will highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is seeking a speech therapist
She's a great individual who is loving, caring and compassionate, the best part of all is my son LOVES HER! 

Claudia F.

Laurie is so amazing! I am so thankful that we were recommended to Laurie from a friend! My son needed help correcting his R sound and Sh and she did it so fast!!! My son loves Laurie and her manner and demeanor was amazing with him! I know he is going to miss her! We are so thankful to have worked with Laurie to help give my son the tools to make his speech so much better! She is very warm and welcoming! It was really the best experience

Lindsay V.